KFU members attend National Convention

8 06 2010

Kansa Farmers Union members attend education night at the National Convention. The event was held to raise money for education program. Pictured are back row: Tom Giessel, Chris Schmidt, Don Turnquist, Donn Teske, Herb Bartel, Emil Mushrush, Jerri Mushrush. Front: Lisa Teske, Linda Hessman, Sherri Schmidt, Geneva Turnquist, Mary Howell, Pat Bartel, Stephanie Teske.

RAPID CITY, S.D. – U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack addressed the more than 575 registered attendees at the National Farmers Union (NFU) annual convention in Rapid City, S.D., Monday.

The Secretary’s address focused on the mounting issue of climate change and emphasized the role of ecosystem markets for water and carbon. Vilsack noted that scientific evidence continues to support theories regarding a changing climate.

KFU member Emil Mushrush gave a summary of what he took from Secretary Vilsack’s speech at the National Convention:

“Global warming is real and is affecting our glaciers and forests. We should focus on climate change and the role of eco-system markets for water and carbon. Cap and trade will create a competition for cleanliness. It will put dollars in the pockets of farmers and offer market rewards to farmers. Cap and trade will be a net plus for agriculture, putting billions of dollars in agriculture.

Our value system, at the core of what we are, comes from rural America and is at stake! Farmers need to expand their universe, expand their numbers and expand their influence.

“President Obama is putting together a new framework to: expand exports markets, expand domestic markets, expand bio-fuels, establish a better connection between producers and consumers (there is a new program called “Know your farmer, know your food”), establish a better conservation practices, create a level playing field for all producers (large and small, farms are getting larger and there are less farmers) and tie farmers to economic opportunity.”




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