KS Farmers Union president featured in film

10 06 2010

Kansas Farmers Union president Donn Teske was featured in “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” A documentary film that “shows how Kansas transformed from an outpost of radicalism to a bastion of hard-core conservatism. Unforgettable characters and their stories shed new light on our nation’s political divide,” according to the film’s website.

To watch a clip featuring Teske visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOU1MvfMoJU or http://whatsthematterwithkansas.com/2010/05/a-kansas-farmers-perspective-on-financial-speculation/.  For more information on the film visit http://whatsthematterwithkansas.com/

Last week Teske visited Lincoln, Neb. to discuss the film:

“Donn Teske, President of the Kansas Farmers Union, John Hanson, President of the Nebraska Farmers Union, and Josh Cramer of Nebraskans for Peace – will all appear after the 7:30 pm screening Friday, May 28, to discuss the future of progressive politics in the heartland,” said the Lincoln Journal-Star.




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