NFU President testifies before Senate ag committee on Farm Bill

30 06 2010

Kansas Farmers Union communications specialist Lauren DeMott watched Farm Bill hearings for the Senate Agriculture Committee. The following is Farmers Union’s testimony.

National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson tells Senate Agriculture committee that agriculture’s challenges are low incomes, high volatility and excess capacity.

The following are comments made by President Johnson in his opening statement: trade by itself isn’t going to solve our problem. The safety net funds crop insurance, direct payments and smaller pieces that are important. We need to put more efforts into things that are counter cyclical.

SURE is extraordinarily important. sure is appropriately coupled with crop insurance. threw away policies that need to be brought back. supply management program for dairy. energy is important enough to have strategic supply management program, we should for food as well.

All tools that we are looking at the reaction to a disaster instead of preventing events those from occurring.

Farm Bill needs to help folks when times are tough. We also think this congress is going to struggle with finding resources to put right tools in box. It requires us to figure out what works best and where to prioritize those dollars.

The challenge we have is to make crop insurance work better. Government ought to help when times are tough but individuals need to do everything they can to prevent tough times.




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