Kansas Farmers Union to host wind energy workshops

6 07 2010

McPHERSON — Kansas Farmers Union and OwnEnergy is hosting wind energy workshops in Kansas next week. The workshops will give area landowners and their communities a chance to learn about wind development.

“Wind energy is the future,” Donn Teske, Kansas Farmers Union president, said. “Not only is it a good opportunity, it’s good for our environment.”

The meetings will be held in Courtland on July 13 at Pinky’s, Dodge City on July 14 at the Dodge House Hotel and Frankfort on July 15 at Grandpa Red’s.

The meetings will begin at 7 p.m. and supper will be provided by OwnEnergy and National Farmers Union (NFU). The two entities entered into a strategic partnership in November 2009.

A presentation will be given by Guy Rusche, Project Development Specialist for NFU  and Russell Laplante, Project Developer for OwnEnergy.

“We will be talking about wind development and wind farm ownership: how it works, the different options available to farmers, the steps in the development process, the alliance we have with NFU and how we work with landowners so they can own their own wind farms,” said Jacob Susman, OwnEnergy’s Founder & CEO.

According to Susman, OwnEnergy forms long-term partnerships with landowners and local developers to jointly develop utility-scale wind projects that help create local jobs, spur economic growth and provide communities with clean, renewable sources of energy that they can call their own.

“It’s about creating revenue, jobs and local pride for communities,” Susman said. “We are focused on the community and want to do anything we can do to make a contribution with locally-owned wind.”

Since a meal is being provided, please RSVP before noon the day of the event by calling Kansas Farmers Union at 620-241-6630.




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