Donn’s Adventure to Africa, Day 8

12 08 2010

The following pictures were taken by Kansas Farmers Union President Donn Teske while working in Senegal, Africa for the Farmer-to-Farmer program.

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My host Yaguemar Diop, Peace Corp volunteer Danielle Stuermer from Minnesota and Aciana Constant from New York. Both girls have been here for over a year of their 2 year service. I asked Aciana if she was ever felt threatened over her her response was, "not once, but of course I'm from New York City". She said the people are wonderful to work with and she is blessed to have a wonderful host "father and mother". They bike to their weekly meetings in Nioro, one is about 10 miles and the other is about 25 miles. The girls said that social unrest has forced the Peace Corp to back out of their projects in most of the neighboring countries to Senegal.

Our group eating inside (the owner insisted, we wanted to eat outside where there would be a little breeze). There was one room inside the restaurant and she had hung blankets on the walls for color. Except for hot it was really quite nice and the food was wonderful! We each got a spoon and a bag of water and then you just dig in. The bag of water (not in picture yet) is just ripped open in one of the corners with your teeth and then you suck out the water. (Kind of like a heavy-duty water baloon)

Driving through fields. We left the highway and had to drive through the fields about 10 miles to get to the village of Yongo. We drove through 3 other villages before we got to Yongo and Aciana said there were several more further on. Yongo has about 200 people in it. Fields were very well cared for and the soil looked better in this area for crops than Keur Ali Gueye.




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