Nov/Dec Kansas Farmers Union Communications Report

12 11 2010

By Lauren DeMott


November is turning out to be a busy time for Farmers Union. All of us have been putting the final touches on the Convention.

From what I’ve been told, there are a lot of changes this year, so if you didn’t like it in the past, try it again this year. At least try to come Friday night, because we plan to have some fun!

Our printer is proving to be a big asset! Not only did it make the Kontact look awesome, it is allowing us to produce some promotional materials for convention and update our membership materials. We’re hoping that the extra advertising will get more people to convention, especially from the Salina community.

At the beginning of November Mary Howell and I attended the Small Town 140 Conference in Hutchinson. It was about using Twitter in small towns. The speakers stressed the similarities between small towns and social media.

Social media brings the small town atmosphere to the Internet. Businesses don’t want to make one customer upset, because within minutes their bad experience is spread across the Internet, much like something would be the talk of the town in our communities.

The Internet and social media is an amazing tool that allows us, in small towns, to connect with people across the country with the click of a mouse.

The most powerful thing it does for us little guys is level the playing field, because no one can out spend you to make their message more important.

As I’ve said before, I highly encourage everyone to be on a social network. It’s a great venue to advocate for agriculture. Consumers want to know more about who produces their food.

As farmers, you have an influential voice in teaching people that what you do on your farm is honorable. Share your passion!

Otherwise things have been pretty calm here at the office. Although, they won’t be staying that way. The rest of November is pretty full for me. It’s a good thing my fiancé is going to be busy hunting because I’m not going to be spending much time at home.

Donn Teske and I will be in Dodge City on Nov. 16-17 for Kansas MarketPlace. Farmers Union will have a booth to hand out new membership and convention materials. Hopefully it will do some good!

Then I’ll be attending the Kansas Cattlemen’s Association conference on Nov. 19 with Daryl Larson. We’ll be handing out convention stuff there.

Then to the Kansas Rural Center conference, where Donn will be speaking about the 2012 Farm Bill. The Rural Center is allowing us to give out stuff on our convention as well.




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