Animal Health, Conservation and Ag Marketing Join Kansas Department of Agriculture

6 07 2011

Press release courtesy of the Kansas Department of Agriculture

The Kansas Department of Agriculture is making positive changes to better serve Kansas agriculture and consumers. The Department of Agriculture now includes a Division of Animal Health, Division of Conservation and Ag Marketing program. These changes, which became effective July 1, are the result of Gov. Sam Brownback issuing an Executive Reorganization Order to move the State Conservation Commission, the Animal Health Department and the Agriculture Marketing Division of the Department of Commerce into the Department of Agriculture.

n addition to the nearly $1 million in annual savings created by sharing information, fiscal, communications, legislative, legal and other resources, the Department of Agriculture is committed to collaborating between divisions to better serve the agricultural industry and all Kansas consumers. The inclusion of Animal Health and Conservation in a Cabinet-level agency also increases the influence and opportunities available to these divisions, both of which deal with critical issues for Kansas.

“I truly appreciate the efforts made by the Department to facilitate a smooth transition and adopt the Division of Conservation, and its mission, as an additional tool to strengthen the Kansas Department of Agriculture and natural resource protection,” said Executive Director of the Division of Conservation, Greg A. Foley. The Division of Conservation works with Kansas’ 105 county conservation districts and other local, state and federal entities to administer programs to improve water quality, reduce soil erosion, conserve water, reduce flood potential and provide a local water supply.

The Division of Conservation has relocated to the 2nd floor of the Mills Building. The Division’s new mailing address is 109 SW 9th Street, 2A, Topeka KS 66612-1280. The website address for the Division of Conservation is

The term “State Conservation Commission” will now be used only to refer to the board previously serving the State Conservation Commission before it became the Division of Conservation. The members on this board and their duties will not change.

“The transition to the Department of Agriculture should give us the additional tools to continue our focus on key business drivers of animal health planning and animal disease traceability to benefit the Kansas livestock industry,” said Division of Animal Health Commissioner Dr. Bill Brown. Animal Health works with disease control, companion animal facilities inspection and animal brand registration.

The Division of Animal Health and Ag Marketing Program have relocated to the 4th floor of the Mills Building in Topeka. The new mailing address for these groups is 109 SW 9th Street, 4th Floor, Topeka KS 66612-1280. The website address for the Division of Animal Health is  The website address for the Ag. Marketing Program is

Telephone and fax numbers for state employees moving to the Department of Agriculture will not change. Email addresses for all KDA employees are formatted as follows:

“We are confident this change will be beneficial,” said Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Dale Rodman. “As a state government, we have a responsibility to our citizens to ensure state resources are utilized effectively. KDA is also tasked with better serving our customers in the Kansas agricultural industry. The agency reorganization will provide the opportunity to do both of these things.”




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