Farmers Union Supports UN as it Kicks Off “International Year of Cooperatives”

2 11 2011

WASHINGTON (Oct. 31, 2011) – The United Nations officially kicks off the “International Year of Cooperatives” (IYC) today, and National Farmers Union (NFU) supports the United Nations’ efforts. The IYC officially began today with an informal roundtable discussion about how cooperatives contribute to sustainable development.

“For years, farmer-owned cooperatives have been a very positive tool for rural development and a way for farmers to add value to the food, fiber, and energy they produce,” said NFU President Roger Johnson. “The development of cooperatives is one of the three priorities on which NFU was founded, and our members have played a large role in the cooperative business movement throughout its history.”


The roundtable discussion kicks off the “International Year of Cooperatives,” which the United Nations declared through a General Assembly Resolution earlier this year. The purpose of the IYC is to recognize the contributions of cooperatives throughout the world.


“Whether in America’s heartland, Japan, or Africa, cooperatives are contributing to the economic viability of rural communities along with families who earn a living farming and ranching,” said Johnson. “Cooperatives have had a very positive impact on the U.S. economy, owning more than $3 trillion in assets, generating approximately $654 billion in revenue, and producing more than two million jobs. They have the potential to play a large role around the world in helping developing countries prosper.”




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