Governor Brownback Proclaims March 5-11 Kansas Agriculture Week

6 03 2012

TOPEKA – Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has proclaimed March 4-10, 2012 as Kansas Agriculture Week in order to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by Kansas agriculture.

“Kansas has a strong agricultural tradition that predates its statehood, and it continues today as a cornerstone of our state’s economy,” Gov. Brownback said. “As we look towards the future, growing agriculture in Kansas is one of my top priorities.”

Kansas produces nearly $4.9 billion in agriculture exports a year. Kansas farmers provide food for Americans and people in 102 different countries around the world. At 28.2 million acres, Kansas has the second-most cropland of any state, and the most cropland of any state by percentage.

“With the rapid increase in the world population, the importance of agriculture is only going to increase in the future,” said Secretary of Agriculture Dale Rodman. “Food production in the U.S. is going to need to double by 2050. It’s a tremendous challenge, but one I’m confident Kansas farmers and ranchers will meet.”

In addition to the proclamation, a variety of activities are being sponsored by various agriculture groups and the Kansas Department of Agriculture to commemorate the week. These activities include a Statehouse food drive, a social media campaign, agriculture-related announcements in schools and an awards ceremony for winners of a Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom postcard contest.

For more information on Kansas Agriculture Week activities, follow the Kansas Department of Agriculture on facebook at or visit the National Agriculture Day website at




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