Kansas Farmers Union joins with NFU: Do Not Split the Farm Bill

11 07 2013

McPHERSON, KAN.- July 11, 2013 – Kansas Farmers Union President Donn Teske joins with rest of National Farmers Union Board of Directors in opposing the farm bill being split into a farm bill and a nutrition bill; the NFU Board also decided to oppose the repeal of the permanent farm law.

“It’s obvious to me that the intent of these actions by the leaders in the House, to separate the nutrition program AND the permanent farm law, is to do away with all farm programs, the good as well as the bad,” Teske said.

“Prices are better now over the past couple of years and, regretfully, we have a very short-term memory in this regard. I know for a fact that there are farmers still farming today that would not be on their farms if it wasn’t for the farm programs being the difference in a farmers ability to create a positive cash-flow for their lending entities not that many years ago.”

To view the NFU Release and for more information on the Farm Bill, visit kansasfarmersunion.org/legislation.html




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