The Kansas Farmers Union represents its’ members, who are engaged in various farming and ranching pursuits through cooperation, legislation and education.

Kansas Farmers Union takes pride in defining our policy. We believe that policy should address the needs of people. The moral and ethical decisions made by individuals and governments have an impact on our daily lives and on the lives of future generations. Recognizing that fact, our policy strives to assure that those decisions maintain a just and ethical basis.

Our policy also addresses the use of our natural resources and environment with the same fervor. We must not allow greed, ignorance or carelessness to bring about exploitation of our natural resources, or of our fellow man.

We believe that family ownership of farm land is the basis for the world’s most viable system of food and fiber production and that maintaining this family farm system will preserve our country’s natural and human resources.

We believe that our policy will develop farm program that will diminish hunger, foster peace, justice and the preservation and protection of our natural resources.


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